Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I love life and I let one person to guide me in traveling in this so-called life. Thus, I can compare myself to a passenger letting the driver to manipulate my car. I love traveling though sometimes there are bumps and curved paths. Perhaps, I let this happened because I trust my driver. Life is full of surprises as expected. There are trials and challenges I need to overcome. There are problems that will test my character and personality. That's why I love life because these adversities that I will be going through will make me even stronger.It will give me a chance to grow emotionally and spiritually. These trials will manifest on how steadfast my trust is for God. It is like a blessing in disguise. But after all these I even love life because there is God who manipulates and governs it. He knows what's best for me.He guides me on every step and decisions that I take. That's why I let him to do what he wants and makes me enlightened on what my purpose really is.

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