Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi der, hirs my piece when i was chosen to compete on the oration contest during our College Integration Week.


DOMINIKALIKASAN: Stewardship, Compassion, Transformation.
Glyzel Capitle BA-4

The unity of man and nature. Man is constantly aware of the influence of nature in the form of the air he breathes, the water he drinks, the food he eats, and the flow of energy and information.
This is what the DominiKalikasan is addressing. It being one both the human beings and the creation.. striving to be single in purpose. In purpose of serving through repeatedly sacrificing desires to do the right thing (stewardship). In the purpose of showing sympathy, pity and concern (compassion)and in the purpose of struggling to make a difference and change(transformation).
Dominikalikasan. How come dominikalikasan? Why Dominikalikasan? Through an uncomplicated and realistic explanation. Siena College Taytay is a Dominican institution who renders service in a Christ-centered and Marian-inspired manner realizing the mission of creation awareness, life preservation and earth transformation. The process is tough but realizing the significance makes it worthy.
First, stewardship. Mankind becomes increasingly concerned with the question where and how to obtain irreplaceable natural resources for the needs of production. That was too shallow. In the book The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren the author, stated that “The one thing required of such servants is that they be faithful to their master”. Indeed, we are servants of God and we are all stewards of God’s creation. To be a good steward is to administer the resources God has entrusted to us and with full responsibility and faithfully. God expects us to be trustworthy. The SCT is imparting and instilling on to the minds of each individuals of the institution that we owe everything to God, thus, we should respect and properly look after of it.
Second, compassion. Epic floods, tropical storms, earthquakes. Well, majority might thinking what is the best plan for all the major disruptions that climate change will undoubtedly bring. Well, that was too vague. We are just thinking of ourselves. Not thinking beyond, not thinking for the major reasons of the existence of these catastrophes. It’s because of you, because of me, the reason is us. It is not grasping of the major responsibility God has given us and what is it?? it is becoming the stewards of his creation. Compassion for creation. Sounds easy yet difficult to execute. Sympathy and concern for our environment are just few of so many ways to manifest that we care, to show that we give importance and love to our home.
Lastly, transformation. It requires positive action. Action for change. Adding the preservation and husbanding of the creation to our mission. It is being a good steward associated with the values of passion for change and compassion to the diminishing beauty of nature. Stevie Wonder once said “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” We have the ability to extend something but the question is how are you going to utilize your capability in some ways to transform and rehabilitate your temporary home?
Siena College Taytay since then has always been an advocate of promoting preservation, improvement of the environment and desiring to contribute something in the world, to make a difference in a very tangible way. The SCT realizes the Dominican mission of stewardship , compassion and transformation through conservation projects such as practicing the 3 R’s , reuse, reduce and recycle, segregation, junkville projects, tree-planting activities, gardening, film showings that enlightens environmental awareness of the students and employees and continuously researching and constructing environmental programs/projects. Simple ways of sustaining our precious natural resources right?? At it’s best, Sienans are united and continuously working and praying for nurturing the nature, making it clean, giving a hoot and not polluting.

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